Last modified:
June 2, 2005

Swedish Heraldry Society

(Svenska Heraldiska Föreningen)

The society was founded in 1976 as a non-profit association. The purpose of the society is to contribute to an augmented interest in heraldry. Membership is open to all.


Registration of Arms

Anyone can assume his or hers own coat of arms. The rights to heraldic achievements are absolute. No formal registration is needed and no laws control it. What we have here in Sweden is more a question of sportsmanship, honouring and respecting older and already existing arms.

Most arms in use today are published and made known to a larger public. Law protects arms of the nobility as well as civic bodies, while burgher arms are not, unless registered as a logotype.

The most common way of publishing a coat of arms is the annually publication Skandinavisk Vapenrulla or The Scandinavian Roll of Arms. Today some 400 Swedish family coat of arms are entered in the roll together with arms from the other Scandinavian countries.
Contact Martin Sunnqvist at:

with reference to publication in Skandinavisk Vapenrulla (the fee is approx. 4000 SEK).

Our magazine Vapenbilden publishes new Swedish arms.
Contact our herald, Jesper Wasling at:

with reference to publication in Vapenbilden (there is no fee).

Besides arms published in these two publications, there are other known from books. Approximately 3000 burgher arms are known today, arms used by freemasons and other orders, not included. Most of them are registrated in our database.

In a few years we hope to be able to publish all burgher arms from the 20th century with blazons in both Swedish and English.